Cocoa Import Group

Why Choose Us

From Farm to your Factory - Quality, Savings, Meeting Supply and moreWhy Choose Us

  • Quality
  • Savings
  • Meeting Your Supply
  • Communications
  • We Listen
  • Organic and Green
  • Many Other Extras

We Are Direct

Cost savings and maintaining consistent qualityWe Are Direct

Our goal is to maximize customer profit gains by using an aggressive pricing structure. Having strong relationship with farmers and partnerships with farming cooperatives gives us an edge to provide the best prices possible and pass the savings on to you. Having direct control of the drying and fermentation process allows the company to concentrate on consistent quality, timely delivery of products.

Maintain Consistent Quality

Control the quality, cost and timeline of your productMaintain Consistent Quality

Owning our own farms gives CIG an edge over competitors, maintaining quality standards from the farm to the finished product for our clients, without going through multiple middle parties. Develop new products and make your current ones healthier.